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Online push notification testing Completely online GCM and APNS push notification tester for quick notification testing.
JSON GCM and APNS tester online Simple notifications as well as JSON support to test customized parameters.
open source and free GCM and APNS tester Open source and self-hosted solution with pre defined templates available.
How to use pushwatch?

Pushwatch is an easy to use online GCM and APNS notification testing system that can be used to test push notifications on android and ios devices. Pushwatch supports both a simple message and JSON data that can be sent to devices. To use pushwatch you'll need to have the device token of the device and API Key for GCM testing and/or ".pem" certificate to test APNS notifications.

pushwatch is open-source and absolutely free to use for anyone. If you like pushwatch and find it useful, Please spread the word and have other devs around the world try it as well.

Test APNS notifications

Test GCM notifications